Short Game schools a treat with golfers improving by the minute. Rory and the Nike Saga.

It has been a while since our last blog and David and I have been very busy with our “Chip like the Pro’s” classes that we have been running at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club and the corresponding bunker class that goes along with the session. Over a four week period (mostly through February) we ran 5 classes  touching on all elements of chipping from perfect contact (impact), flight, roll, club selection as well as the chipping formula to help all our students get a better idea of how far each club goes. We have had many new students attend the sessions as well as some returns from the guys who attended the “Consistency in Golf Swing” Classes and everyone is raving. It’s made chipping better, easier, cut down on their bad shots as well as lowered the scores are just some of the reports we are getting. 

Recent Chipping like the Pro’s attendee John Buchanan doing the on-course section of the class at
Twin Creeks G&CC

We have been very happy with the response we have received for both lot of classes and with Easter approaching we will be heading back to touch on the Consistency in Golf Swing classes that were so popular before Christmas. There will be a new video, as well as access to the original videos that everyone enjoyed so much, so we look forward to catching up with many more of our loyal client base to go over this very important element of the game. If you would like more information on the sessions you can put your email address in the box to the right top section of this web page and you can receive all the information on all of the Absolute Golf Activities we are running throughout the year.

The bunker session that compliments our Chipping like the Pro’s class

Have you wondered how a great player can just loose their game after an equipment change? Surely the clubs don’t play that big a part? I am here to tell you they do and Rory McIlroy isn’t the first it has happened to. The world number 1 prior to Tiger Woods burst onto the scene, David Duval swapped from Titliest to Nike in the late 90′s and went from a low spinning Titliest driver to a high spinning Nike Driver which accentuated any curve he hit and gave him a lot less consistency in the wind. After changing his golf swing to compensate for the new tendencies his big brand equipment created Duval dropped from 1 to around the 750 mark on the world rankings. Equipment manufacturers have no standard practices when it comes to building equipment and a slight change in head design or material, shaft type, even something as simple as loft or lie angle can change what our golf ball does which will prompt us to change what we do to counteract it and this change in technique can and quite often does lead to a steep decline in our playing and scoring. Have you ever heard the old saying that when you buy a new set of clubs it takes a while to get used to them? My point exactly!     

Keep watching this space to find out how all the boys went at Barnbougle Dunes and the Lost Farm with our annual Barnbougle adventure. 15 golfers, 5 pros, 4 rounds of golf, 3 clinics, 2 great courses and 1 evening at Pipersbrook winery. Don’t miss it.

Jeff Mansfield

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